#femreads the podcast

Yay, FEM has a podcast now! #femreads is an English podcast where I (Lisanne Aveline Kemp) read some pages from books which stimulate diversity and inclusivity. Usually feminist books, which inspire and lead to thinking.

Sometimes – when I read pages from a book that’s only available in Dutch – I’ll make a Dutch and English version of those pages. The trailer and first episode are now available on Anchor: but you can also listen to #femreads on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts and RadioPublic. Just click on the Anchor link and you can find your preferred platform there.

#femreads books to be discussed in the podcast:

Find the last episode of #femreads here:

I hope you feel inspired by the pages I read to you!

In the first episode I read some pages from Unspeakable Things by Laurie Penny. She’s a talented writer, a feminist, she fights for equality for all and is not afraid to challenge you. I picked some pages from her introduction and from the first chapter: Fucked Up Girls. Curious? Scroll back to the Spotify link and click play ;).

In the second episode I’ll invite my sister – Christa, who is almost graduated for her study in Nutrition & Dietetics – to discuss healthy nutrition, fitgirls and being an introvert. And of course I’ll read some pages: from Damn, Honey this time.

Just lay back & listen